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Alizabeth Sawyer Boot Inserts-
A comfortable and stylish way to
change the appearance of your
boots without having to buy a new pair!

With a variety of prints and materials to choose from, you can dress your boots
to your own personal style, whether you’re a toddler, teenager or adult. 
These inserts can fit any mood or any place- from a comfortable evening in to a night out on the town.  Transform the appearance of your boots to match any outfit or mood! 


The Alizabeth Sawyer Boot Inserts are currently being sold at Savannah Salon and Spa in Bloomfield, NY.   There is a large selection of patterns, materials, and furs available on location.   Alizabeth Sawyer also customizes boot inserts based upon the individual’s desires.  Special customized inserts may be purchased by emailing your request to us.

Click here for a video on how to use our boot inserts!
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